Where oh where have I been?

I feel as if I have been MIA for a while … that is probably because I have been.

So what has been going on here?  Well, not gardening, that is for sure.

Last week we were on a family vacation.  It took us to a dessert zone out West.  Much different than my Zone 5 and I have some pictures to prove it.

And this week?  Potty training.  I think I prefer last week’s vacation.

It has been a bit rough.  Actually a long 3 days.  So much for “less than a day” for us.  But there are positive signs that it is catching on.  There are some reasons I believe it is taking longer.  Reasons that other probably don’t deal with, which make it harder for us.  Progress is being made, though … I think. The first day we had accidents every half hour or so.  Day two we only had four or five.  Today, only two so far.  The first in the morning when I woke the child up, still tired, and a refusal to use the potty (ready, screaming tantrum due to still being tired) resulted in an accident.  The second one was only because the child didn’t pull down their underwear fast enough while standing in front of the potty.  (That one was more understandable, because sometimes just the site of the potty also makes me have to go even more urgently.)

The fact that I have 1 diaper in the house (plus two or so in the diaper bag) really helps the resolve of not going back.  I had to make that clear on the second morning, “I will not be putting you in diapers or pull-ups.  I have no pull-ups.”  This after the tantrum begging for them.  I think until that moment there was a glimmer of hope in the young mind that I would give in.  By the end of yesterday I was ready to.  I’ve tried to stay positive, but come 7 PM or so I am pretty spent.

Part of my resolve was that I was told TWICE on the plane rides (once out, once coming back) for vacation that this particular child had to go potty.  At first I thought it was an excuse to get up.  It was.  But, it also resulted on said child going potty on the potty.  So, if a kid can do it on the plane, they can do it at home.  Right?

On a greener note, my seedlings are doing well.  I have had a better survival rate than in the past.  They are still a bit puny, but hope to beef them up a bit.  Mainly the tomato plants.  The lamb’s ear look great.  If tomorrow goes as well as today, minus the trip away from home twice and a meeting at the house, I hope to have some lettuce seeds in the garden only a few weeks later than I wanted.  That’s okay.  We went on vacation and I now have a partially potty trained child.