Weekly Goals – April 15, 2012

Previous Goals:

Monday – 15 min zone work, make Cranberry-Orange Scones and Heavenly Scones, go to the park

Tuesday- 15 min zone work, make Raisin Scones and Almond Biscotti, shop for bridal shower gift and birthday gifts, get updated insurance quotes

Wednesday – 15 min zone work, make spreads for sandwiches, grocery shop

Thursday – 15 min zone work, prepare for additional commitment

Friday – 15 min zone work, finish whatever needs to be done around the house before the weekend, gather items for bridal shower, move seedlings to kitchen counter for natural sunlight

Daily – quiet time and shower, load of laundry – This was a hit and miss.  Most days I got two out of three accomplished.

New Goals:

As this week involves a lot of time away from home, I am not going to make goals per se.  Instead I hope to have an overal goal of enjoying family and making the most of our time together.  Two goals I think I can complete. 

Hopefully the next week I will start in on the garden more actively and have more things to show you.

Have a great week!