Weekly Goals – April 8, 2012

Previous Goals:


  1. Start some seeds given by a local gardener.  Try to divide them out into similar seeds (they were given all mixed up in a baggie.)
  2. Start cucumber seeds
  3. Purchase tray and lids to place newly started seeds and pellets in.  (This will help with the wasted space by randomly shaped or round containers.)
  4. Mix up dirt and compost in my garden.  (My compost did not get hot enough, so after I added it to the garden little pumpkin or squash plants appeared.  I think I have found a home for them, but it is unknown as to what will actually appear from these plants as I couldn’t tell you exactly what they came from or crossed with previously.  Don’t you just love surprises?  Anyway, these will need to be relocated before said mixing of soil and compost.)
  5. Start some lettuce seeds.


  1. Finish all of Zone 1 work
  2. Finish making the scones/biscotti for the upcoming bridal shower


  1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night (ongoing)
  2. Do my daily Bible reading at least 5 days this week (ongoing)


  1. 2 posts beyond my weekly goals (ongoing)

Well, let’s just say I didn’t do so well last week.  I seem to be saying that a lot lately.  Makes me wonder if I am setting too many goals,  if my goals are too high, or if I’m just not being motivated to do what I need to. Perhaps it is a bit of that last one with a little bit of “setting the wrong goals” mixed in.

So with a few days of Spring Break at the beginning of the week, a bridal shower at the end and another commitment immediately after the bridal shower ends, I feel like this week is a bit compressed.  Being as this week is a bit odd I think I am going to try something different with my goals’ list. I am going to do it by days rather than by areas of my life.

I’m also glad this is an easy zone this week. We just don’t have a lot of things in our living room, so that makes it easy.

New Goals:

Monday – 15 min zone work, make Cranberry-Orange Scones and Heavenly Scones, go to the park

Tuesday– 15 min zone work, make Raisin Scones and Almond Biscotti, shop for bridal shower gift and birthday gifts, get updated insurance quotes

Wednesday – 15 min zone work, make spreads for sandwiches, grocery shop

Thursday – 15 min zone work, prepare for additional commitment

Friday – 15 min zone work, finish whatever needs to be done around the house before the weekend, gather items for bridal shower, move seedlings to kitchen counter for natural sunlight

Daily – quiet time and shower, load of laundry

This list acatually makes me feel more at ease as I can see that it is all doable.

Garden update:

My seedlings are growing great.  They are doing so much better than I thought.  Not sure what I have done differently this year but it seems to be working.

I always worry about my tomato seedlings being too leggy, but then remind myself that I can always bury them further in the ground.  They are one of the few plants that I always do this practice with and which I recommend others do also.  The tomato will grow roots from the stem, so this provides a potentially larger root system for the plant.   Just to make clear, this is not meant to say that you bury the whole plant.  That would kill it.  You just lay down part of it, leaving the majority of the leaves above the ground.  Let me know if you are wanting something more specific.