Bad Gardener – thankful for easy houseplants

Aloe plant

aloe plants before division 2A few weeks months ago I had some aloe  plants sitting in a sunny spot.  They were the larger ones that the sprouts you see above came from.  These plants should have been repotted long ago, but hadn’t.  This made them top heavy and unstable.  Due to gravity and being knocked too many times, one of the larger plants fell over into an old tub we have.  As this is a very deep tub that was holding other items, it wasn’t exactly an easy job.  Sad to say, but I just left the plant.  I have several others, so knew that if it died it wouldn’t be a complete loss.  There were also other jobs that were higher priority.

As time went buy, I started to not ‘see’ the plant and the spilled dirt.  It was in a room I went to only once or twice a week and usually it was to do something particular.  As the weeks went by I started to notice something, the aloe plant was still green.  See, I haven’t watered it in months, but it still looks great and is actually multiplying.

I have had aloes go too long without water, at which point they turned an almost deep purple color.  With a return to a regular watering routine they came back and continued to thrive.

If you are looking for an easy houseplant to add greenery to your house this winter, this would be a great place to start.

Now how is that for an easy plant?!

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