Weekly Goals – January 12, 2014

Weekly Goals collage May 2013

What a long week last week turned out to be.  Being at home for three or four days due to sub zero temperatures, snow and high winds would do that.  In addition, we started off with a brief scare, as our furnace displayed a “Systems Error”, one of which was “Temperature Sensor Out of Range”.  At the time I thought it meant outside temperatures, after all it was -12 degrees Fahrenheit at the time.  After, we cleared the error message, my husband left sort of suddenly to go to work with a co-worker who had a 4×4 truck (his all wheel drive car wasn’t tall enough to make it); apparently the equipment there also wasn’t appreciating the cool weather.

About 15 minutes after he left I realized it was fairly cool in the house. Sure enough, the furnace had turned off!  I couldn’t call my husband back, so I tried to fix it myself.  I had a Plan B of what to do if it didn’t come back on, it is just that Plan A wasn’t a total bust.  I put a call into the heating company but got a message, “If this is an emergency please call one of our technicians at ….”  Two “System Check” runs and about 40 minutes later the furnace came back on and stayed on.  A prayer of thanks ensued seconds later.  

The week ended with a call to our local heating company.  The error message had come back after a few days and we weren’t sure why.  Being several days after the extremely cold weather, I didn’t feel so bad calling them for something that wasn’t an emergency.  The technicians showed up and went to work.  1.5 hours later they knew what the error was, but not what was causing it.  Apparently the “Temperature Sensor Out of Range” was referring to the temperature INSIDE the furnace itself – it was getting too hot.  A blessing at the end of this turned out to the that the technicians didn’t charge us.  I’m not sure if it is because we are repeat customers, because they couldn’t actually find something wrong, or if it was because he didn’t believe that the code will stay away.  So, as for now we wait and see if the error message stays away.  Thankfully it is above freezing for the next few days and we haven’t had any issues.

snow on rose bushes and bird bath

So between having a furnace issues, a few snow days off school, and all the other routine changing things that come along with fun weather I’m surprised I got anything done on my list from last week.  The three goals I didn’t achieve  were all partially accomplished.

Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Get rid of one thing each day (Toss It, Sell It or Give it away) – ongoing
  2. Pick up kitchen each night – trying to form a new habit
  3. Make two vinegar pies
  4. Take basket of goodies to neighbor (check on elderly neighbor)
  5. Read 10 books to the kids
  6. Put empty canning jars away in storage totes
  7. Write book review
  8. Remove one section of wall paper

This upcoming week does not contain inclement weather, at least as far as I know.  We should be back to life as normal.

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Patch ceiling in our bedroom
  2. Patch hole behind kitchen door
  3. Sand down stair way walls
  4. Draw up a garden plan
  5. Write a book review
  6. Declutter 7 items
  7. Plan February’s meal plan
  8. Get up at 5:30 a.m.
  9. Exercise 3 times
  10. Clean stove top and oven

What is on your to-do list his week?