Burning Sky by Lori Benton – a book review

Burning Sky was on a journey to find which world she belonged in and who she really was in each of the two worlds that her life passed between. Where did she really belong?  Where what had happened to those she remembered?

The story of Burning Sky follows its name sake on her journey back to her birth family. Burning Sky, born Willhelmina Obenchain, had been abducted by the Mohawks as a teenage girl.  She spent 12 years among The People before suffering hardship and a great loss that drove her to return to her original family’s homestead.  What she found was not the welcome she had expected, but emptiness.  Where had her family gone? While working through that question and more, she nursed a Scotsman back to health, became a temporary caregiver to two children, and worked to restore her family’s farm.

Along the way she has to overcome events in her life that she hadn’t planned on, discrimination from those she should have been able to rely on, people actively working against her efforts, all the while trying to stay alive and safe.  So where was Willa to turn when the ownership of her family’s farm came into question, when crops were burned and her farm vandalized?  Who would help her find what happened to her family and prove they were not traitors?

This was a good story of friendship and learning to rely upon God to direct our paths, rather than ourselves.  The author, Lori Benton, kept the story from straying too far off course, all the while crafting a unique view of life during that time in our nation’s history.  While not based on actual events, the issues dealt with in Willa’s life were one the colonists had to deal with in their lives.  Years may have passed since the time period this book was written in, and the settings look different, yet we all still deal with some of the same issues touched upon in Willa’s life.  It is interesting to see how the lead character handled these things compared to how I may have, or do in my life.

The Reader’s Guide at the end of the book contains several sections of questions that would be useful if this was part of a book club’s reading list and discussion.

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I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

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