Alternative Plans

 Vase of roses in window

The kids were put down for nap time and I had grand plans to catch up on some posts that have been bouncing around me head.  Before doing so I decided to submit my first ever receipt to the Ibotta app to complete one of their offers.  It was easy and went smoothly.  What didn’t go so smoothly was my husband coming into the room and sitting down to use the laptop before I could get on.

“Why don’t you use the desktop computer?”

Great question.  For Christmas my husband gave me the gift of hooking up our old computer so we could get years of photos off there.  It is still hooked up to the monitor and related components.  What it isn’t hooked up to is the internet.


  • Pester my husband till he does it, but no longer likes me.
  • Figure it out myself.
  • Type it out on the phone.  (Something that hasn’t been an option until lately.  Yeah, one of those posts going around in my head.)
  • Do something else, perhaps even more constructive.  After all the kids are asleep.

Boxes of jars from yard sale

I know better than to use the Pestering solution.  After all he is also on vacation; he is allowed some play time.

That leaves me with two options.  I think I’ll go try to do it myself.  However if after 5 minutes I don’t figure it out I’m going to the last option.  I’ve honestly been meaning to get to the basement and clean up.