Forgotten Photos – January 8, 2014

Note: This has nothing to do with the post below, but everything to do with accountability.  So I mentioned that I have been trying to get rid of 1 thing per day? It is going better than I had planned.  Check out the list on the right side of the screen.  As of right now, I have given away, sold or thrown away over 122 items.  That works out to be 15.25 items per day.  Seem hard?  Right now it is easier than you might think.  For example, I went to take a book off my shelf that I saw yesterday and realized I will never read.  I came away with a stack of 22 books.  When I went to put the Christmas stockings into the yard sale box, I realized the tins sitting right next to them had been sitting there for several  years.  They were added to the pile also.  I do foresee this getting harder as time goes on.  For now I am enjoying the momentum … and having the house be 122 items lighter.

Here is the first batch of “Forgotten Photos”.  It is an eclectic group.  The only thing they have in common is being the oldest photos I uploaded to share but never got around to.

almond macaroonThis was my first (failed) attempt at making almond macaroons.  They tasted great, even if they were not the prettiest looking things.  I didn’t try them again, but will if the mood strikes me.

Below is a sight I will be seeing soon – seed starting materials taking over my work bench.  Right now it is covered with canning jars that have been emptied of their contents (used for meals) and not put away.




Since I don’t have a larger view to give me a  hint as to the location of these new plants, I’m going to guess that they are hyacinths and tulips.  Or perhaps daffodils.  Either way seeing these appear after winter always makes me want to do a dance of joy.



Early Morning Glory Muffins.  I believe this was one of the first batches of these muffins I made.

Early glory muffins, mixing