Canning Peaches


What a gorgeous site this was on my counter, and they sure did smell good too.

It was been a few months since I canned these.  At the time I didn’t share what and how I preserved them.  With the end of the season here and the cold weather appearing, at least where I am, this seemed like a good time to look back and remember.


There was such a variety in the size of peaches.  It really depended on the kind.  Here the two are Reliance and an unknown ‘yellow’ peach.  Yellow or white refers to the color of the inside of the peach.  Free-stone refers to the fact that the flesh will separate easily from the stone (seed) in the middle.  This is very important if you plan on canning them.  It is possible to cut the flesh away, but having a free-stone variety will save you a lot of time.

Skinning a peach is very similar to skinning a tomato.  First you dip it in hot water…


… followed by placing it in cold water.


This was the first time I had actually tried this with ice and decided to use the sink as it would hold more at once.  The ice melted too quickly and I revered back to using very cold water, like I do with tomatoes.

One variety skinned easily, while the other was a lesson in patience and determination.

After skinning it was only a matter of cutting the peaches in half to remove the stone before progressing onto the next step.



The next step was determined by what I was making.  When I was working on peach butter, it meant blending the peaches up into a puree to cook down in crock pots.



When the end result was Spiced Peaches, it meant slicing, cooking and then hot packing them.



I loved the look of the yellow jars of goodness sitting on my counter and in my pantry.  I was also reminded, yet again, of the fact that it takes a lot of peaches to make a quart of anything.

The peach butter I made could really have done with more sugar.  I should have tasted it before canning.  Another lesson learned.  I’ll have to remember to add sugar or honey to any bread I plan to eat it on.  This also means I won’t be giving them out at Christmas time.  Maybe next year.