Weekly Goals – October 27, 2013

Weekly Goals collage May 2013


Last Week’s Goals

  1. Switch clothing (summer for winter)
  2. Decorate a pumpkin, sealing and painting
  3. Make and free 3 months worth of either Chinese Style BBQ Pork or Meatloaf
  4. Can applesauce
  5. Read 1  hour to the kids
  6. Look for Groupon and other deals for family trip
  7. Gather leaves and mulch

Not a bad week, really.  I wanted to be able to say I did #2 above, but alas didn’t get any pumpkins at the produce auction to test this on.  I decided that if I was going to pay retail price, then it could wait till after our trip.

There were not a lot of leaves to gather and mulch, though I saw more starting to fall Friday morning.  Thursday night’s frost/freeze probably had a lot to do to the increase in leaf loss today.

I actually did both Chinese Style BBQ Pork and Meatloaf this week, and more than three month worth.  After all was said and done my freezer saw an increase of four meatloaves and enough BBQ pork to make 5 meals.  (1 was half of the batch I made for lunch this week, already cooked, and then two more freezer bags with enough to make two meals, uncooked but with all the ingredients dumped into the bags.)

My search online for deals for our trip came up somewhat unsuccessful.  I think I didn’t look hard enough.

My overarching goal for the week was to get the house in order, so it was left in a decently clean shape.  We will be traveling for the next two weeks.  After previous trips last more than a few days, I know that it is so nice to come home to a relatively clean house.  This means that even the clean dishes and clothes will be put away.  The beds will have clean sheets and the towels in the bathroom will be unused.  All the trash will be taken out and I’ll remember to have put in a mail hold.  So, while all the above goals may not have been accomplished, my overarching goal (get the house in order to leave for several days) was.


The photo above is of my herb bed.  I pulled up the two mint plants Thursday night and put them into pots.  Hopefully I won’t have too many root sprouts appear next year.  If so, I know what will be going on the produce stand.  I also removed the two parsley plants, which have come back nicely from being eaten almost all the way down by Black Swallowtail caterpillars.  The wonderful looking basil was left, as I didn’t need it right now.  Friday morning it was black from the frost last night.  Next year I am going to utilize this bed more and arrange things a bit different. (There will definitely be more parsley and basil. That much I know.)

This week’s goals, and next week’s, are pretty simple.  Well, sort of.

  1. Have a relaxing time traveling to visit family.
  2. Enjoy the time we have with family we don’t often get to see.
  3. Don’t stress.

That’s it.  Nothing to do with gardening, though we are going to a different part of the country so I’m sure there will be pictures when we get back.

What is November going to hold for me and The Greenhouse?  Well, here are a few thoughts and things you can keep be expecting to see:

  • details for the planning and hosting of a breakfast, probably involving coffee and biscotti
  • finishing up Christmas shopping and posting of deals I see that I think might interest you
  • a 21 day challenge following Crystal Paine’s 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life book.  I did a challenge at the end of October last year and like it so much I did one again in January 2013 and my own version in March, 30 Days 21 Projects.
  • several book reviews of things I’m currently reading

Of course there will be other things mixed in, but those are a few of the things I’m thinking about right now.

I wanted to give you a head’s up about the challenge, as I hope to start November 18th, with a few days added in due to Thanksgiving.  It would be great for others to join and encourage each other along the way.  There will be a link up at the beginning and as we go along, for you to share your progress.  So be thinking about what it is you may like to work on for a larger project, or perhaps several smaller ones.

Have a great week everyone.