In Search of a Great Tomato Soup Recipe

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Tomato soup is something we eat fairly often.  About every other week.  It is quick and versatile.  You can add things to it to make it more hearty or just serve it as a light meal.

It also has a lot of sodium.

I like to keep our lighter meals to about $.50 per person.  Unless bought on sale, it is hard to get down to $.50/person with canned tomato soup.  Okay, it may have to do with us liking a particular brand and adding milk instead of water.  Those two things right there definitely make it not so frugal.  Still, it has a lot of sodium and other things in it.

With all the tomatoes I have been getting, trying homemade tomato soup is something that I’ve intended to do.  It wasn’t my top priority.  It came in below fourth fifth eighth:

  1. Spaghetti Sauce
  2. Pizza Sauce
  3. Crushed Tomatoes
  4. Tomato Marmalade (small batch)
  5. Tomato Jam (small batch)
  6. Salsa
  7. More tomato marmalade and tomato jam if we liked it
  8. Tomato Soup

Yeah, not a top priority.  This year I’ve been blessed with tomatoes and the time to get there.  We have enough spaghetti and pizza sauce to last more than the year, as well as crushed tomatoes.  The tomato marmalade and jam turned out okay but wasn’t a huge hit.  I’ll make more if I have time.  Salsa is going to start once the peppers are chopped up.

Tuesday night for supper, though, I decided to try the first tomato soup recipe I had found for canning.  If we love it then I’ll can more.

With so many recipes out there, I can’t see myself stopping at the first one we try.  While peeling tomatoes tonight I was thinking through an issue I had with some of the tomato soup recipes out there which say you are able to can them – they contain butter, flour, milk or other items I’m not comfortable canning.  “I still want to try them, but don’t want to make them fresh each time.  Hmm.”

That is when it hit me, if you can’t can, freeze.  (This also goes for those who don’t want to or can’t can soup.)  The recipes with items I’m hesitant to can should be the same if you freeze them, then thaw and heat for your use.  Of course, those calling for milk or cream will be modified to add those ingredients after defrosting.  Milk tends to separate when you freeze it.  I’m not sure what it would do inside of a soup.

Tomato Soup Recipes To Try:

  1. Tomato Basil Soup – C
  2. Pure Cream of Tomato Soup – F
  3. Crock Pot Creamy Tomato Soup – F
  4. Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup – F
  5. Classic Grilled Cheese + Cream of Tomato Soup – F
  6. Cream of Tomato Soup – C and F

I’ll stop there, as 6 days of tomato soup really does seem like the limit right now.  It should also give me a good sense of what we like and don’t like in recipes and help narrow down any further trials.

Note: The C and F stand for canning and freezing, respectively.  It is in reference to my initial thoughts on how to preserve the recipe if I decide to.

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