Weekly Goals – September 29, 2013

Weekly Goals collage May 2013

Having a list of goals this past week really helped me refocus my activities.  There were a few times where I wanted to be distracted by this project or that one, but always reminded myself of The List.  I really wanted to make a dent in it this week.  Here is how I did:

Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Paint porch ceiling
  2. Scrap porch floor
  3. Paint porch floor
  4. Scrap porch railing
  5. Make and freeze one batch of muffins
  6. Make and freeze 3 months worth of a soup
  7. Read 1 hour to the kids
  8. Take one day to do basic cleaning of house (vaccum, dust, laundry, basic declutter of main rooms, clear off flat surfaces)
  9. Turn compost pile
  10. Bring home some mulch to spread in the future
  11. Cut broken tree limbs in yard
  12. Give kids haircuts

Not only was I able to make one soup, but ended up making 2 different one.  The first gave me three month’s worth of soup and the second four months worth.  Of course, that was after we had them that night for supper.  Not only is it so much easier to make someone one time rather than 4, it is also nice to know that there is supper in the freezer waiting to be warmed up in a crockpot.  I have drifted away from freezer cooking this supper.  Perhaps it is because I don’t make the same sort of meals, they tend to be lighter affairs.  Either way, I’m really looking forward to having meals in my freezer again.

paper liners in muffin tin 3

While not everything was accomplished there was movement towards getting it there.  This past Spring and last Fall I realized just how much getting a bit done everyday motivates you to do more the next day.  A bit at a time and soon there will be major progress.

The habit I let myself fall into these past few months was not writing down what I wanted to do, and then giving myself a goal date of having it done.  Instead I said, “I would love to do this by the end of summer.”  Yet no certain date or plan to do it.  I relaxed and let things slide.  Soon, the feeling of being behind overwhelmed me and I got bogged down.  I hope to do another 21 Days Challenge to knock off some of the items on my list.

For now, though the focus is the porch and planning for a trip.  In there I want to keep the house picked up and do a bit of canning.  Four things, but the porch has priority with the larger part of my ‘work time’ being spent there.  It really is amazing what you can get done once you actually start.

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Make reservations for a trip at the end of the month – This is my main to-do this week.
  2. Make and freeze one batch of muffins (a different kind than last week)
  3. Make and freeze 3 months worth of a meal (meatloaf, pork chops in sauce, etc.)
  4. Read 1 hour to the kids
  5. Take limbs to yard waste site and bring home more mulch to spread at a future date.
  6. Finish scraping and painting porch
  7. Weed around rose bushes and spread mulch
  8. Add mulch to front flower bed
  9. Finish planning activities for trip
  10. Find places to stay and eat for trip

new flowers in bed pansy