Weekly Goals – September 23, 2013

Weekly Goals collage May 2013Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Can tomato jam
  2. Paint porch ceiling
  3. Can remaining tomatoes (from last week)
  4. Scrap porch floor
  5. Paint porch floor
  6. Scrap porch railing
  7. Make and freeze one batch of muffins
  8. Make and freeze 3 months worth of one of this week’s soups
  9. Start and finish laundry (put away as it finishes)
  10. Read 1 hour to the kids – I realized that this is something dropped once the school year began.  They seems to really miss it.

Last week wasn’t as productive as I had hoped, at least not on the Goal’s List.  A few things along the way took a bit longer than they should have.  That is okay.  This is why I have a list.  When life gets me off track, I know where to pick back up.

The muffins from last week were all eaten up before making it to the freezer.  This week I think I’ll have to make a double batch of a different kind.  Last week’s were pumpkin muffins.  Two years ago I was blessed to get a LOT of pumpkins for $.25 each.  A few were left, after I sent some to work with my husband and passed them out to others, and were roasted and purred.  My freezer was overflowing with frozen pumpkin.  I thought I would never make it through.  So imagine my surprise at feeling sad to see I only had 4 cups worth left in the freezer.  3/4 cups were used to make muffins and 1/2 cup was used in shakes.  I now have just over 2 cups left and want to save it to make muffins another day.  Perhaps they’ll get used this week, but I’m not even going to add it to the to-do list and some other muffins need to be made first.

The porch ceiling is over half done and some of the trim around it has been painted also.

The soups last week weren’t doubled sufficently to make 3 more months of meals.  There were leftovers, just not enough.

Vase of roses in window

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Paint porch ceiling
  2. Scrap porch floor
  3. Paint porch floor
  4. Scrap porch railing
  5. make and freeze one batch of muffins
  6. Make and freeze 3 months worth of a soup
  7. Read 1 hour to the kids
  8. Take one day to do basic cleaning of house (vaccum, dust, laundry, basic declutter of main rooms, clear off flat surfaces)
  9. Turn compost pile
  10. Bring home some mulch to spread in the future
  11. Cut broken tree limbs in yard
  12. Give kids haircuts

I’ll be honest and say that I’m pretty sure I will not be making it all the way through this list.  I’m okay with that.  We are not going to be home on Saturday, Tuesday I’ll be gone from the house in the morning, and Thursday will find me away from the house all morning and most of the afternoon.  These are choices I have made, to do these items that are keeping me away from home.  Now I just need to make the choice to make things on my priorities list an actual priority when I do have time at home.  It won’t be impossible to get the majority of things done, though it will take sacrifice on my part (not watching one more episode of a favorite show, staying off the computer during the daytime, etc.).

What are your goals for this week?