boxes of yellow and red tomatoes

more 25 lb boxes of tomatoes


spaghetti sauce


crushed tomatoes

What you see are the things that have been keeping me from being on here more as of late.  525 pounds of tomatoes.  100 pounds made it to the roadside stand.  300 pounds have been processed and put up.  50 pounds are currently on the stove cooking, for tomato sauce.  100 pounds are awaiting my attention, to make into pizza sauce and marmalade, once the previously mentioned 50 pounds is put into jars and the canner.

Saturday was a family day, as was Sunday.  Last week just seemed to last for a month and after all the weekends away, we all really needed to reconnect and have a ‘normal’ weekend (without mom canning).


Yesterday I took about an hour and picked two gallons of blackberries.  A friend of a friend has several bushes whose berries were not being picked fast enough.  My friend had been picking some, but also couldn’t keep up due to other obligations.  The friend of my friend said others could come pick.  I didn’t make it out last week (see first picture in post) so decided to work it into the schedule yesterday.

really should have stayed home and dealt with tomatoes, but knew that if I didn’t go pick then something else would keep coming up.  Thursday or Friday will find me back out there picking some more.  I plan to make jam and …?  I already have some frozen whole.  Any suggestions for using up excess blackberries?