Weekly Garden Goals – July 21, 2013

2013 Garden Update

Last week I never got around to posting my weekly gardening goals because I was too busy doing them.  Last week’s activities involved

  • clean the gutters
  • trimmed tree limbs along roof line
  • weed-eat around the garden
  • move extra produce stand plants off my porch and to extra space in the garden (move, not plant)
  • plant pepper plants in extra spaces in the garden
  • clear off the porch
  • clear items away from the base of the house

These were all completed, as well as:

  • trim the bushes along the garage
  • relocated hanging cucumber plants
  • pulled up the grass growing in gaps in the driveway

All these garden chores were done with a particular goal in mind – get ready for the house to be painted.  To say I’m happy to have these done and the painting on the house started would be an understatement.  This has been something we have been planning since the beginning of the year.  I’ve never picked out colors for a house before so I was also a bit apprehensive.  I think it will turn out okay, and something we like.  Here is a small preview, after some loose paint had been scraped off:



As you can see, the change will definitely be noticeable. Traffic along the street is already starting to slow down while curious people look.  (I joked that we should paint part of the front a neon green to give everyone something to talk about.) My vote was for a non-neutral color – blue, red, etc.  I was outvoted.  Or rather, I chose not to make a huge issue out of it.  Instead, I chose neutral colors I liked and put them up for a vote.  My future plans are for flower beds along the foundation of the house to add a variety of colors.

So what does this week hold?

  • trimming bushes along front walk
  • edge grass along sidewalk
  • take brush to yard waste recycling site
  • move extra produce stand plants to a shadier spot (the sun is wilting them)
  • plant (very late) sweet potato slips
  • spread out dirt piles (from replacement of water line)
  • trim trees along edge of porch (so it can be painted)

I was able to get a handful of items from the garden last week.  We had another rain last night, so I’m hoping all the squash blossoms will result in an onslaught of produce this week.  There are also a lot of green tomatoes that I’m looking forward to having turn.  Maybe the rain will finally do the trick.

I have decided to freeze the jalapeno peppers, whole and seedless, as they mature.  We don’t use them a lot them, but enough to make it worth while.  I also hope to try jalapeno poppers later on if I get enough of them.  Anyone know if I will be able to make poppers with previously frozen jalapeno peppers?