Bumbleberry Jam

Bumbleberry Jam definition

I feel as if I have stumbled upon something that everyone, but me, knows about.  Did I miss something all these years?  Was I distracted by the beautiful tableware, unique plants in the garden, or just life in general?  Whatever it was, my life is now more complete after finding out about Bumbleberry Jam.  And just to clarify, if you are like me and don’t know what it is, bumbleberry is not a type of berry.  Each recipe you find for this kind of jam will be different.  The think about those recipes, which make them similar and bumbleberry jam, is that each is made with at least three kinds of berries.

Do you have a recipe for bumbleberry jam that you just love and want to share?  Please, leave a comment so the rest of us can have a more fulfilled life.