Taking A Blogging Break – Be Back In A Few Days

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I didn’t realize how much two weeks of house guests, and a week camping with even more, would leave me feeling so behind here at home.  The past three days contained about 100 loads of laundry.  Okay, well maybe it just felt like that much.  To ease the load, I am releasing myself of the guilt of not posting daily.  It may be imagined guilt, but it is there nonetheless.  There are so many things and images I want to share with you all, but lack to time to do so.  A few more days and I will have much more time to do so.  For now, I am taking a few days to refocus here at home.

This blogging break won’t be long and I fully plan on being back by Sunday.  Between now and then I will only be posting if I get everything done for that day, rather than first thing in the morning.  I hope you all understand.

Enjoy your week and I’ll see you soon.

The Groundskeeper