Tea Party


It is official.  I took the plunge and scheduled a tea for next week with a few friends.  I have only been to a tea once, so I’m not exactly sure what I need to plan.  Any suggestions?

Okay, this is a small diverance from gardening realated topics, though in my defence this is in preparation for a Garden Tea bridal shower.  So, see.  It is related.

I decided the best way to test out new recipes was to, well, test them out.  My friends were more than willing to be a part of this.  As an added benefit, as if it were needed, I will be meeting a new friend at this tea.  This particular gal is a friend of one of the other ladies and moving to our area.  What a great way to meet and get to know each other.

As of now here is what I am planning:  almond biscotti, cranberry-orange scone, heavenly scone, pumpkin scone, finger sandwiches, and fruit (one of the friends is bringing this I believe).  Yes, it is a bit heavy on the scones, but I am trying to figure out if three types are too many, if any of the recipes are ones I don’t really like, or if this is a good assortment.  I think there is a fourth recipes I have, but I cann’t remember off the top of my head.

As far as tea, since everyone has their own particulars I plan on setting out an assortment of black tea, rooibos tea, mandarin orange chamomile tea, and vanilla honey chamomile tea.  I will need to look through my cabinets to see if I may have some random others.  One of the friends coming may bring some of her’s also, if I ask her, as she has more of a fruity taste preference than I do.

When I get it all made and recipes figured out I’ll be sure to share it with you all.  I’ll also come back and link to the recipes that I have gotten from online.

As a side note, this is a small step in me working towards my yearly goal of practicing hospitality more.  At least if it totally crashes, it is just for some friends who are more than gracious in encouragement.