Applesauce and Pickles

Clearing off the work space to start seeds led to a general organizing and clean-up of the basement.  Amazing what shining your sink (whatever that “sink” may be for the given area) will do for the rest of the space.

The big thing was moving a variety of small shelves that I had gotten for free.  They are now in a more logical place and together, rather than spread out across my basement wherever they happened to have been sat down. This also opened up the middle of my basement and makes it feel bigger. In order to move the shelves I had to take what was on them off.  This lead to reorganizing my food stockpile that was on them. I had not realized how much of certain items I had, so short I was on others, and that I still have pear sauce that needed to be eaten up soon.  In general I feel like suddenly I have more food than I did.  We may be a bit heavy on the tomato sauce and pickles if a snow storm were to trap us in for weeks on end, but we will be able to eat. (That particular scenario is not likely to happen as we live in town.)

The majority of this was done in the morning time, so come snack time I knew exactly what was for snack.  Applesauce and pickles.  Thankfully the person having this particular snack is not a picky eater.  By the speed at which is was consumed, you would have thought it was a well thoughtout gourmet snack .  Nope.  Just two favorites of this person which also happened to be two items that needed to be used up.

You might call it your stockpile or stash or store or jars or “that area with stuff put up”.  Whatever you call it, have you gone through it lately?  If so, any interesting finds?