Weekly Goals – May 5, 2013 PLANTING!

pen and notepad

These are a bit late, but that is what happens when you are gone for the weekend at the end of a long week.  Not all things get done before leaving, such as writing up goals for the upcoming week.

My weekly goals this week are a mix of garden and decluttering, though I’m only going to post the gardening ones here.  Beyond that it will suffice to say that I hope to get rid clutter and items we don’t use or need, as it is making me feel as if all the stuff is closing in on me.  Just as I feel the house is overtaking me, I feel as if the time to plant is quickly passing.  It isn’t necessarily, and all the rain we have been getting hasn’t really been conducive to getting a garden in.  The feeling, though, is still there.  I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that we are coming off of almost two years of drought.  During that time I’ve come to realize just how important Spring rains are to the rest of the season.  It is a time when plants can get a healthy start on growing, one that will affect the harvest months down the road.

zucchini seedlings

One of the two zucchinis I planted at the end of last week was damaged in the rain over the weekend.  Thankfully I have extra transplants that I can replace it with.  Even if I didn’t, it is early enough to have put out seed.

My tomato plants really need to get in the ground, though I think the temperatures are still a bit cold.  They are getting too big to be in the little cells they are currently.  The result?  They are easily wilting due to the heat from the heat pad and the light from above.  So for now I am going to repot them into larger containers.

Last Week’s Gardening Goals

  1. I have finished edging, laying landscape fabric and mulching the front beds.
  2. I have gathered more mulch for the flower beds in the back. – I haven’t done this, though I saw a source for it and plan to go back and check it out this week if I have some free time.
  3. I set up the planting container for the deck. – I still need to add sand to the base and soil to the top (at which point I can plant).  However, the container itself is put together and that was my goal.
  4. I have added fencing for all the raised beds.
  5. I have added fencing for the small garden area under the kitchen window. – We are planning to have the house painted in the next few weeks.  I decided to wait on this garden bed till after that happens, as it is again the house.  I do have fencing and posts to use, though, so I’m ready to go once it gets painted in this section.
  6. I have put up the trellises for tomatoes and beans.
  7. I have planted zucchini, pole beans, cilantro and lettuce.
  8. I have bought basil and thyme seeds. – turns out I already have basil seeds.  I’m going to wait on buying thyme as I may be able to get transplants relatively cheap soon.
  9. I have started herb plants.
  10. I have finished reading: Bell Peppers: Growing Practices and Nutritional Value by Roby Jose Ciju

This Week’s Gardening Goals

  1. Plant basil seeds
  2. Plant parsley seeds
  3. Plant chive seeds
  4. Plant lettuce
  5. Plant spinach
  6. Trim bushes along front walkway
  7. Add mulch, as available, to beds around blackberry bushes
  8. Transplant tomato starts into larger containers


What are your goals for this week?