Weekly Goals – March 4, 2012

After reading a bit about goals this week, I have decided to expand my “Weekly Garden Goals” to included goals for other areas of life also.  I already have a list on paper of goals for other areas.  However, I have enjoyed the motivation I get from posting them for others to see.  It feels like there is more accountability.  That being said, here are the goals from last week as well as the ones for the upcoming week.

Previous goals (for gardening):

  1. Finish removing dead plants from beds – This was completed for all the beds, except the largest flower bed.
  2. Pick up wood and cardboard from bed around deck (failed attempt at keeping weeds out by covering them/blocking sunlight)
  3. Estimate how many more pellets or cells I need to start the remainder of my seeds, especially for those needing to be started in two weeks – I didn’t figure out how many more pellets I need, but I did get two more trays and covers to start seeds in.  I was running out of repurposed containers at home.  Besides, the trays will be more efficient space wise.
  4. Continue looking for free chicken manure – ongoing.  I may have to physically stop by a few places to see if they have any extra.  The social media network and freecycle have not turned up any sources as of yet. – Anyone have ideas for finding chicken manure?  I have not been having luck at all.

New Goals:


  1. Start plants that need to be started 6 weeks before last frost – tomatoes, etc.
  2. Start some seeds given by a local gardener.  Try to divide them out into similar seeds (they were given all mixed up in a baggie.)


  1. Clear off the front porch (left over from last week’s zone work) and sweep
  2. Make scones
  3. Make monthly meal plan


  1. Finish reading current book

There are two busy afternoons this week.  Each involves something that is not necessarily active busy, but emtionally so and which takes up a few hours.  I will try not to worry about them, but we’ll see what happens.  If I do start to worry, I hope to get more cleaning done.  Or perhaps some baking.  There are several recipes I would like to try.