Weekly Goals – April 28, 2013

calendar coffee computer

The first produce auction of the 2013 season starts this week.  I can’t believe it is here again already.  The first one should be pretty short and contain mainly plants, but it is still the first one.  Due to other responsibilities that day I’m not sure I will actually be able to make it.

I’ve been thinking over how I do some things here on the blog.  Mainly I’m reevaluating if I am keeping to the purpose and if I’m providing the content you all may be wanting.

My first decision was to refocus my weekly goals.  Nothing has changed as far as my housework.  The goal to stay on top of it will be ongoing.  There will always be laundry to keep up with and a Zone to work in.  However, to keep the list uncluttered I see no need to list them every week for you.  They may still appear on my written to-do list, as motivation for me to continue the habits I have.  I would like to make the list on  here more about gardening and other projects.  The 2013 garden season is about to get into full swing and I will be focusing on it more and more each day, even if it is only in the back of my mind.

Last week’s goals:

  1. Clear off bedroom surfaces
  2. Pick up basement main area
  3. Pick up upstairs and ready for future use
  4. Wash all loads of laundry at least once (whites, darks, colored, towels, reds, microfiber clothes, kids clothes, delicate)
  5. Change toys in the toy room
  6. Work on mulching and edging front walk way (areas: front left of bushes, under bushes on right, under bushes on left, along front of porch) -I have begun on the other areas, but was unable to finish them.
  7. Get out planting container for deck (more explanation on this to come)
  8. Finish organizing shed
  9. Come up with more permanent pest solution for raised beds (not long term permanent, just something to use this year)
  10. Type up May’s monthly menu plan in the calendar form

I was wondering why this past week felt as if I had gotten nothing achieved.  Seems I didn’t really get much done.

zucchini seedlings

This week’s goals:

  1. I have finished edging, laying landscape fabric and mulching the front beds.
  2. I have gathered more mulch for the flower beds in the back.
  3. I set up the planting container for the deck.
  4. I have added fencing for all the raised beds.
  5. I have added fencing for the small garden area under the kitchen window.
  6. I have put up the trellises for tomatoes and beans.
  7. I have planted zucchini, pole beans, cilantro and lettuce.
  8. I have bought basil and thyme seeds.
  9. I have started herb plants.
  10. I have finished reading: Bell Peppers: Growing Practices and Nutritional Value by Roby Jose Ciju

What are you hoping to get done in the garden this week?