Yearly Gardening Goals

In addition to my weekly goals I have more long term goals for my garden.  Here are a few I have.  As time goes on and I remember others I’ll update this list, but it is a start.

1. Put up enough tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes for the year that I will not have to buy any.  That comes out to about 77 quarts of sauce.  As to the amount of crushed tomatoes I am not sure.  This past year was the first year I have canned them.  I will have to reevaluate my usage at a later date and see how many more, if any I will be needing for next year.

2. Can up the equivalent of 52 quarts of beets.  This was also something I did for the first time this year.  With them readily available in the basement we are eating a lot more of them.  I used to be a bit stingy on buying them as they seemed so expensive.  Canning them was a lot easier than I thought. (Update: we had still had beets when I wrote this, but ran out before I posted it.  Boy do I miss having them … so does my husband and he is sure to remind me.)

3. Restock my apple sauce/pear sauce supply.  If I remember to use it we can easily use of what I have before I am able to make more.  (Apple butter is another story as I have a surplus, in addition to strawberry jam, zucchini jam is coming out my ears, and a few random other store bought {gasp} jams to use up.  I joked this past winter that if we get snowed in we could last at least a week on the jams in the pantry.)

4. Not have to buy herbs from the store because I will have them in the garden.  This would include cilantro, parsley and basil.

5. Grow, or obtain, green onions to freeze for use in beef stew this winter.  The recipe calls for pearl onions but I have found that certain green onions also work.  Flash freezing, then placing them in a freezer bag makes it really easy to grab a handful and add to stews.

6. Freeze baggies of chopped colored peppers for use in making meatloaf, omelets, etc.  We are not fans of green peppers, so will not be chopping and freezing any.

7. Grow lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers to supplement our weekly salads.