Bugs In The Dirt


While moving the soil from the old raised beds to the new one I found lots of crawly, squirmy things.  Most of them were a delight as I knew they were helping break down the soil.  One of the biggest was a worm as long as my hand and about 1/4 inch around (half the size of my little finger).  Worms are wonderful composters and help break down detritus in the soil.

There were a few things I didn’t like, such as the gnats and mosquitoes that were swarming around.  I’m not sure where the gnats came from, but there were a lot of them.  Actually, they weren’t really gnats and I should probably spend some time figuring out what they were.  The mosquitoes though were just out in full force yesterday and the fact that I was working in the garden was just a coincidence.

There were a handful of another particular grub I found.  It was a caterpillar, but I wasn’t sure if it was beneficial or harmful.  One was put into a cup to look up and I tossed the rest in the grass for the birds to eat.  Before I could pull out the guide to look these up, I came across a post on Root Weevil Larva by My Tiny Plot.  The picture was exactly of the grub I found!  What a coincidence.

Until I dug up the soil and pulled the ground covering back I had never actually seen these in my yard.  I didn’t think we had a grub problem at all.  Guess I was wrong and will now be taking steps to do something about them.

Gardening is always such an adventure.

worm found in old raised garden bed box

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