Canned Seeds?

Well, this is a new one for me.  Canned garden seeds.  I got to the site by clicking through another site, drawn there by a giveaway at Preparedness Pantry. You know how that goes. At this time I do not need seeds, nor do I have 3/4 of an acre on which to plant them.  However, it was something new that I had never heard of.  Has anyone tried something like this?  What were the results?  Did they really last as long as they said it would? According to the site, “These seeds have been specially dried to just the right level for long term storage. At 65-70°, they will store in the can for up to 4 years. Each 6° drop in storage temperature may double the storage life.”

The combination of seeds does sound like it would make a complete traditional garden.  Sort of like “a garden in a can, no soil included.”  I don’t see these taking the place of the packets of seeds you find in the store, though I could be wrong.  Seems it would take a lot of any one vegetable seed variety to fill a can enough to make it worth the effort.  I wonder how many tomato seeds it would take to fill a can, even a small one?

Well, if you do have the room and are interested in trying this out, Preparedness Pantry is having a giveaway of their Canned Garden Seeds.  This ends tomorrow, so you will need to head over there quickly.  If you win, let me know how it goes.  I really would be interested in the results.