30 Days, 21 Projects – Day 3 Looking ahead


Congratulations.  If you  have been following along you should have already:

  • made a list of 21 projects
  • made a list of items you need to complete the projects
  • either purchased those items or plan to do so soon
  • completed one of the projects on your list
Yesterday I completed the project of checking our credit reports.  Nothing major was wrong, just a few small things that were quickly disputed.  I have also written it twice on the calendar to check with the other two agencies, four months and eight months from now respectively.

Today, I want you to take a look at your list of projects and plan ahead.  What order are you going to do them in?  Are there projects that require the same tools?  It would be a time saver to not have the get out and put back tools that you will be needing a few days later.  Instead, group those projects so you do them on consecutive days.  Here is an example of how I grouped mine.  I added categories in red to give you a hint at my thinking.

Lists of my 21 Projects:

Painting (needs to be above freezing if outside or on an outside wall)

  1. Spackle stairway walls
  2. Prime spots to be painted (from previous replacement of door and window frames)
  3. Paint spots around door and window frames
  4. Repaint Horse post by street
  5. Strip vent covers in bathroom and kitchen
  6. Repaint bathroom and kitchen vent covers
  7. Seal pots and paint with chalkboard paint (to be used with herb plants on the deck)
Requires the use of a screwdriver or other small tool – does not require a lot of tools
  1. Add outlet cover for washer/dryer
  2. Add outlet cover for outlet on front porch
  3. Replace light fixture in stairway
  4. Remove weeping cherry (to create a place for blackberry bushes)
Requires purchase but no tools to install
  1. Put out a birdbath
  2. Buy new kitchen trash can
  1. Organize and label kitchen pantry
  2. Move clothing totes to back of crawl space (instead of right in front), add shoe rack and rod to hang winter coats
  3. Divide out future clothing sized into clear totes, label
  4. Put camping stuff in tote(s), label
  1. Check credit report
  2. Clean bathroom grout
  3. Seal bathroom grout
  4. Make and freeze 4 different soups, 3 months worth each

Looking ahead at the weather forecast, I see that this week is bordering on freezing with rain or snow.  Not exactly the weather needed for the first 7 projects, nor for putting out a bird bath or removing a tree.  Next week however is going to be around 50 and sunny.  A much better time for those things.

Today I am very busy and won’t have time to stand in the kitchen making 4 different soups.  What I will have is time to run to a store while in Big Town after an errand to buy a trashcan, totes, paint or a bird bath (which I would set out next week), though not all four I believe.

Think about when would be the time to do certain project and when wouldn’t.  Create a general plan of attack.  This may have to be flexible as things come up, but try to think things through so you are not left with all the large projects at the end.

Today I am going to look for a trashcan to replace our 9 year old one.  The trashcan we replace will not be thrown out, just relocated to the basement where we have a very small, inefficient trashcan.  If I have time and can find a birdbath I like, then I will also buy that.  However, I don’t plan on going all over town.  They will need to be in the same store or at two stores close to each other.

Don’t forget to link up on Day 1’s post.  Next week, I’ll create a new link up so everyone will be able to share a link to an updated post at that time.  Leave a comment and let us know how things are going.

How are your projects coming?  Are you excited or nervous?