21 Days To A More Disciplined Life Challenge – Bathroom Remodel – Day 21 And Beyond

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life

The long awaited final post to the Mega Project for February’s 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life is here.  Okay, I’m not sure if you have be awaiting it, but I sure have been awaiting getting around to being able to write and post this final post.  Did you follow that?  It honestly hadn’t taken me all that long to finish this project as it may seem, due to the lateness of this post.  The biggest delay was the wiring …

GFCI outlet in bathroom remodel being installed

light switch in bathroom remodel being installed… it still looks like this.  The light switch has a broken wire inside the box and the GFCI outlet won’t reset for some reason.  We have had this particular breaker off for sometime.  It was only after shutting it off that I realized how many random things in the house are on this circuit.  Outlets in our basement, main floor and the upstairs as well as the lights in this bathroom and some (but not all) in the bedroom beside this bathroom.

I initially told myself that I would post this final post after I did this final step.  Now the step involves and electrician whom we have not chosen yet (still awaiting a second quote).  Said person will also be installing the vent, replacing a vent in our other bathroom, installing a light switch for a light that is always on, and fixing the two issues above.  Sometimes, you just need to know when to call for help.

Okay, so what does the rest of the bathroom look like?  Take a look.

finished bathroom remodel decorated

The odd light is a reflection off the mirror.  I tried from several different angles but kept getting the same result.  As that is what a mirror does, reflect, I gave up and moved on.

bird clock in finished bathroom remodel decorated

I intend to add items around the clock, small pictures, as I come across them.  This is behind where the main door opens and is above the closet door you see.  I wasn’t standing on a chair to take the photo.  It is a short closet tucked into the attic space.  It hurts like the dickens to hit your head on the frame, which is something I never thought I would have to say.

finished bathroom remodel decorated 2

This is the view from the door way.  Again a mirror is reflecting on the right side.  This particular mirror was in the bathroom when we moved in.  It is kind of neat in that it extends and swivels.  You can also flip it to have a mirror that magnifies.  I have found it useful to see the back of my head or as a second mirror if the larger mirror is taken up.  The hand towel and bathmat are new.  The picture was picked up from a garage sale last summer with no really home.  Once I decided on the color I wanted this bathroom (tan and red) I realized it fit perfectly.

I didn’t tell my husband when I finished the bathroom.  Instead I let him find out for himself.  He came back downstairs commenting on how much he liked it and that it turned out better than he thought it would.  He also wants me to do the same for other rooms in the house.  The biggest difference?  Art work on the walls.  Specifically, art work (or pictures) that are sized to fit the space.

This project seemed so big at the beginning and never ending while doing it.  However, now that it is done I am so much happier with this room.  I also won’t feel embarrassed to let visitors use it.