21 Days To A More Disciplined Life Challenge – Bathroom Remodel – Days 5 & 6 Anticipate Obsacles and Be Realistic

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life

Day 5 (Monday) was spent looking at vents to install in the bathroom.  It always makes me wonder what the builder was thinking when I see a bathroom with no vent.  As an added challenge, there is not attic space above this part of the house.  It was an addition along the way at some point and the roof is flat here.  I wasn’t really thrilled with the idea of putting a vent in the ceiling.  Then I realized that we could put it in the wall, vent it through the attic and out the roof there.  I was thrilled to learn that it wouldn’t even have to be that hard – they  make vents to go into walls.  Hey now, give me a bit of slack.  It isn’t like I am an expert in vents.  Yes, we do have one for the dryer and it goes through the wall.  I had never thought to have one in a bathroom.  I have never seen one that way.

In the end I think I have it narrowed down to two choices.  The prices did shock me some, but I”m slowly getting over them.

For Day 5, the book talks about obstacles and anticipating them.  Not only anticipating them but also having a plan to deal with them.  There are a few obstacles I can think of:

  • the caulking around the door and window frames
  • a handyman not being available to install the vent
  • taking off drywall and finding bigger issues
All may be issues, with the first on the list being the first I’ll run into.  However, the last issue would be the biggest.  The two places I want to replay the dry wall are places where it has gotten wet – outside the shower and along an old chimney.  If the part outside the shower poses a larger problem than I think I can deal with then I’ll be okay putting up bead board or something similar.  Basically, replace it with something that can withstand the water that may splash out.   As for the part by the chimney, this would be a larger issue.  I could call the handyman to try and seal up the leak from inside.  I may have to call a roofing company to take care of it from outside.  A third option is one I don’t really like, but in reality it is an option – do nothing and just put up new drywall or paneling of some sort.
To make sure this doesn’t delay me a lot, I plan on taking down the drywall before the day I actually plan on repairing it.  This will give me a few days to figure out what to do if there turns out to be an issue behind the drywall.

Day 6 (Tuesday) found me with the steamer in my hand taking down more wall paper.




I was able to get a lot of the wall paper off without having to move the toilet.  Due to how space, most of the steam I used on the reachable wall paper also made its way behind the toilet’s tank.  As I pulled down/up/sideways on the paper it often kept going behind the tank.

Anxiousness for the painting to start has already set in.  I’m trying to decide whether to strip off more tonight or go to bed.  Seeing as it is going on midnight, I think bed will win.  Especially since I also have apples boiling on the stove to make jelly tomorrow.

The Practical Application part of today talks about looking at your current discipline goals and seeing if they are realistic.  I feel that both this project and my current habit (clearing off the kitchen counter each night) are both very realistic goals.  Yes, they are ones I am not very self discipline in but that is a different issue all together and one reason I’m doing all this.

I actually do not feel like this project is too big.  If anything I see it as being “easy” and therefore perhaps I’m not going as fast as I could.  Maybe I need to dedicate a few more minutes each day to this.  However, I am happy with the results I’ve seen and the lack of pressure.  The removal of wall paper has been my biggest mental barrier to finishing this project.  Honestly, that part hasn’t been so bad up to this point.  We’ll see how it goes when I get to the door and window frames with the caulking.