Books Read This Month – February 2013

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Twenty-Five Cent Dinners for Families of Six

Yes, this is an older book.  It was written in the late 1800’s and was actually the author’s second book on the subject.  After writing “Fifteen Cent Dinners for Families of Six” the author found that some readers were a bit more well off but still not wealthy.  These readers were interested in being good at pinching pennies but had a bit more leeway in their budgets.  They could afford a few more indulgences, like coffee and tea with their meals.

I really enjoyed reading this book, not only for some money saving ideas and recipes (though I’ll pass on the brain and ___ pudding), but also for some of the comments.









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Feeding Wild Birds with Garden Plants: 3 (Specialty Garden Series) [Kindle Edition] by Dave Sandersfeld

I so wanted to like this book. However, it only took a few pages to get the feeling that I was missing something.  I even went back and read the brief description of the book and checked the title page to make sure it all lined up.  The format just did not work for me.  There were too many quotes, links to other websites, and the beginning felt more like an advertisement for becoming an environmentist than a book on feeding birds.  I stuck it out hoping it would get better.  

Near the end I finally found what I was looking for – a list of plants and their benefits for birds.  There were several in the list that I hadn’t thought of planting for birds.  Once I thought of them, though, they made sense.  There were also a few that I would shy away from, but I tend to like natives more than non-native plants.  Even if those plants are not invasive.  I’m not a purist, so don’t check the landscaping in my  yard, but natives are my preferences. 

In the end, I’m not sure I would recommend this book if you are wanting a reference book.  It is not a bad read if you are starting out and wondering why anyone would want to feed bird.  Or even if you are just being introduced to the idea.





The How to Book on Creating a Beautiful Container Garden: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Container Garden all will Envy / The Planting in Pots System … to Plant in Pots & How to Plant in Pots)

This was a quick read, at least for me.  A lot of the science was stuff I knew but didn’t necessarily know how to apply to containers.  Jonah seemed to cover all the topics well, with recommendations and comparisons.


















More Make and Freeze Recipes (Eat Better For Less Guides)










Simple Hearty Soups from the Stockpot









5 Simple Tips To Declutter Your Basement: From Cluttered to Clean (Happy House Series)


5 Simple Tips To Declutter Your Basement: From Cluttered to Clean (Happy House Series) [Kindle Edition]

This is more of a booklet than a full fledged book of 100+ pages.  In other words, it took me about 30 minutes to read through it, not several days.  The tips reminded me a lot of tips I’ve read elsewhere, just used in reference to your basement.  I liked the first question asked, “Exactly what do you want to accomplish?”  Basements are as varied as the people who own them.  They are used for different things, and even that can change over time. Knowing where you want to end up will help you start heading in the right direction.








Kitchen Organization Made Easy: Creative Kitchen Storage and Pantry Storage Solutions








Ready or Not (Aggie's Inheritance)


Ready or Not (Aggie’s Inheritance) by Chautona Havig

This was a reread from last month.  I enjoyed going through it again as I was able to pick up on some details I missed the first time.  I also realized that I laughed at the same funny moments.  Am I really that predictable?









For Keeps (Aggie's Inheritance)


For Keeps (Aggie’s Inheritance) by Chautona Havig

As with the first book in this series, this was a reread.








Here We Come (Aggie’s Inheritance) [Kindle Edition] by Chautona Havig











Listen for the Donkey Bells











Brother Enemy (Promise of Zion #4)