21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge – Bathroom Remodel – Day2 & 3

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life

This was written Friday night, but didn’t get posted due to me wanting to get some sleep.  

Day two, which didn’t get posted due to me wanting to sleep, found the counter cleared off and some wall paper removed.  Yeah, the counter.  It took all of two minutes to do.  I’m not sure why it takes me so long to remember that two minutes of action can save 10’s of minutes of complaining and annoyance.

Here is the before picture of the counter:

Here is an after picture:

I also removed some wallpaper last night.  It was late and all I really wanted to do was sit down and watch an episode of Star Trek Voyager (love it, even the old ones).  As I had to get tpilet paper out of this bathroom for the main bathroom, I made myself a deal.  If I worked for 15 minutes taking down wallpaper then I would warm up a cup of coffee and watch an episode of Star Trek before bed.

Once I got going on the wallpaper it was actually hard to stop.  I did make myself though, otherwise I would have been up all night.  Something I did decide to do was leave out the equipment I was using to remove the wallpaper.  This meant the following day I just had to plug in the steamer.  In less than 5 minutes I would be ready to start working.  The time it took the steamer to warm up tonight I turned on the computer and started writing this post.  I could also use that time to pick up the room next door, put away any clutter in the bathroom, or finish reading mail.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of this area from further back before taking down the wallpaper.  There were large pieces of the wallpaper and backing still hanging in this area.

After (15-20 minutes later):

There are several reasons it took me as long as it did, to do as little as I did.  1. I was still getting used to the motion of taking off the small pieces of wallpaper and using the steamer. 2. I had to work around the toilet and up against the mirror.

The people who put up the wallpaper did so before any of the trip (around the mirror, baseboards, door and window frames) were up.  They also then caulked around all the trim.  Getting the wallpaper off in these areas is very frustration.

Yeah!  Progress.  I am just happy to have started this again.  There is still a ways to go, but it is off to a good start.

Today, I also worked on a smaller project that I have been putting off.  Paper clutter.  I didn’t get rid of all of it.  What I did do was organize the large stack of papers gathered from around the house.  These are the papers I have been working on for my weekly goals.  A few weeks back I took advantage of a deal Staples was doing on file boxes.

The top box is one I already owned, as it the shredder at the bottom.  I had gathered the majority of paper clutter and put it in the top box.  My goal was to have thin out the file in the filing cabinet and have most of the papers fit in one of the larger boxes.  The other large box is for papers in our basement.  These are one from previous moves, homes, financial statements, etc.  These are much more manageable than a packed hanging file in the filing cabinet or a Rubbermaid container in the basement.

What I accomplished was emptying out the paper in the top box, sorting them into like piles (water bills, other utility bills, bank statements, tax papers, etc.), then placing the piles into folders to deal with further later.

This may not seem like I accomplished much in getting rid of the paper clutter, but it was a HUGE step in that direction.  It is much more manageable of a task.  I will be able to pull out a file folder, do what needs done, then shred the papers as needed.

The shredded papers will go into my compost pile.  Waste not, want not.