Time Management – controlling spam comments

I have been reading a lot of books lately on how to make your day more efficient, time management,  prioritizing, and the like.  The book I am currently reading is “Attack Your Day“.  Attack Your Day talks about many aspects of organizing your day and prioritizing.  One tips is not doing the things you or anyone else should not be doing.

At first I thought there was nothing in my day that fit the description of something just not worth doing.  Then I wrote in my weekly menu plan post yesterday about how I had to go through and delete over 200 spam comments.  I grumbled the whole time doing it, but thought, “It has to be done, otherwise it just gets way out of control.”  Later that night I reread the section in Attach Your Day about prioritizing what you do each day.  I realized that having so many spam comments and having to deal with them was a waste of my time.  Surely there was some way I could decrease them.

(Side note: I also took time to deselect the option of having every comment sent to my email address.  Not only were your comments being sent to my inbox, but also all the spam comments.  To say it was overwhelming my inbox is an understatement   The reason for procrastinating in doing making the change was because I convinced myself it would be hard.  Turns out it took all of two clicks of the mouse.  Again, not sure why it took so long for me to do this.)

Today I spent some time looking for ways to do just that. One solution I found was using a Captcha.  Now, when you make a comment you will notice a Captcha that needs to be filled out before submitting your comment. If this small, new change does not help with the amount of spam comments, then I will be making tweaks to it.

I want to encourage commenting and focus on spending my time replying to your comments rather than having to delete spam for minutes every day.  I hope you all understand why I have done this.

Thank you,

The Groundskeeper


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