Affiliate Links – a disclaimer

As the 2013 gardening season begins, I will be sharing discount codes and offers from companies as I come across them.  In all openness, if it is a company that I am an affiliate for I will make a note in the post.  However, I will also post offers for companies I’m not an affiliate for if it is a good deal.

All previous deals I have shared were not connected to any affiliate links I had, as I was not an affiliate with anyone at that time.  I decided to go ahead and sign up for some of the companies since I would be sharing the deals they had anyway.  If this makes you uncomfortable, I hope you in no way feel like you must click through from this blog to those sites.  However, if you do choose to do so I would appreciate it as it would go towards to cost of having this blog.

See You In The Garden will also not be changing to only promote items and deals from these companies.  I am going to keep going the way I have been, with posts about gardening and other related topics.  The only difference you should notice is that there will be posts about discounts and deals from seed and garden supply companies.

Please contact me, via email or a comment, if you have any concerns.


The Groundskeeper