Weekly Garden Goals – January 22, 2012

One of the blogs I frequently follow has been talking about goals recently and how important they are. Not just any goals.  Written, specific and attainable goals. I have always had them in my head.  Rarely do I actually write them down, which is odd since I love lists.   However, since reading all that she has written about setting and writing down goals, and seeing how they have worked so well for her, I figured that writing them down for others to see here is very near the same as telling someone verbally what I plan to do.  I also have big goals that these are a part of, but that is for another post.  I think at this point they are pretty self-explanatory: my goal is to have a garden.  Now my goal is a bit more specific than that.  For now, though, it will suffice.

It seems that writing them down for all to see last week worked.

Goals from last week:

1. Clear off work area to make room for seed starting trays. This did not take near as long as I thought it would.  I really should have listened to FlyLady months ago concerning this hotspot.   So what did I find?

  • Baskets that belonged in the cabinets below the work area
  • Empty boxes that I have been holding onto for a year or more “just in case I need to mail something”
  • Containers for my produce stand that belonged in the cabinets below, lids for containers I no longer have
  • A cover to an electrical outlet that we do not use and which is located on a different wall
  • My copy of Square Foot Gardening
  • A seed catalog from last year
  • The Farmer’s Market money box which has 25 cents in it and 2 aprons from the Farmer’s Market
  • Seed packets which should have been put away
  • My seed starting tray
  • Some bulbs that need to be forced to bloom here soon
  • A handful of root vegetables that had been forgotten and started to sprout on their own
  • Clay trays that go under pots
  • A box of items from my pantry that I had put together for someone dear to me who then passed away suddenly four months ago – that box has been put together and sitting there even longer.

Most of the items were put away, or thrown away, quickly and easily.  That last box, however, was an emotional one to unpack.

2. Take inventory of which seeds and how many are remaining from past seasons. Seems the majority of seeds I have are from last year or from ’08.  Not sure what happened during the two year in between.  I will test some of the ’08 ones to see if they are still viable.  It was a good thing I went through them now, though, as the Lamb’s Ear needs to be started 10 weeks before last frost.  That means in just a bit over a month.  And here I figured I had at least two months before I had to get going.   That was my problem last year; I waited too long on starting some of the plants.

3. Take inventory of seed starting material.  Need to get more of these.

4. Gather books and notes together and place on work area.


New Goals:

1. Create plan for my raised beds as to what is going where and how many per square.

2. Purchase more pellets.

3. Look into whether the lights I have are the correct ones of if they need to be changed.

I anticipate it being a busy week, so 3 goals is good.  I could try to make more, but honestly I doubt I would get to them.


What goals do you have for this week?