Creating a Garden Calendar – Day 15 Order or purchase dates

We are working our way through a series called “Creating a Garden Calendar“.  If this is your first time joining us, welcome.  You are not too late to join us.  Grab a calendar, pen, and beverage of choice.  You will be right where we are in no time.

Today we are going to take the final step in preparing our gardening calendars.  Write down the date to order your seeds.  Even better,if you are ready to do so, go ahead and order them. (Here are some discount codes/offers for Burpee, if you plan to order from them. Also, check the seed catalogs you ordered for more discounts from those specific companies.) Every year this feels like a big step and fills me with a mix of dread and excitement.  I seem to check and recheck my list about 10 times, then sleep on it, before putting the order in.  You would think the future of the world depended upon my order.

Also, write date when you need to start looking at the nursery/garden center for the plants you need.  This is something I seem to forget about every year until a friend mentions that she saw them at the store.

If you find that you are just not quite ready to submit those orders, that is okay.  There is no need to rush into ordering seeds and plants.  You already have down the date to do so and you know when you will need to start seeds or put transplants into the ground.

Did you decide to go ahead and order your seeds, or did you write down a future date?  Do you feel more ready for the 2013 garden season now that your calendar is started and you can see the dates?

Tomorrow, there will be a link up for posts regarding garden preparations.  If you have a current post, or an old one that you would like to link to be sure to come back and share it.  If you don’t have one to share, that is okay.  Stop by and see what others have been or are doing.

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