Creating a Garden Calendar – Day 2: Planning Backwards

We are working our way through a series called “Creating a Garden Calendar“.  If this is your first time joining us, welcome.  You are not too late to join us.  Grab a calendar, pen, and beverage of choice.  You will be right where we are in no time.


Have you ever heard the term “planning backwards”? The point is that you know where you want to end up, but aren’t always sure how to get there.  Instead of planning from where you are right now, begin at the end point and work backwards to me yourself where you are.  I did this for a party back in November and it worked out really well.  I knew what I wanted to the party to look and feel like.  I began with that idea and worked backwards to set the time tables for doing what was needed.  I also could see what I may need to buy and when.

Today we are going to do this in reference to our gardens.  Yesterday you added in the estimated last frost and freeze dates for your area, as well as the first ones.  Today I want you to label on the calendar the 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks before last/first frost.

These times are often important when trying to decide when to start seeds inside or when to put them out.  Last year I waited too long to start my seeds.  The transplants were not very large and had trouble establishing themselves.  This was even more true when it decided to stop raining.  This year, that won’t happen.  I intend to have it written on the calendar when they need to be started.  This way there will be no (good) excuse for missing the start dates.

Do you like to start your garden plants from seeds or are you more of a transplant person?