Weekly Goals – February 12, 2012

Previous Goals:

  1. Purchase more pellets.
  2. Look into whether the lights I have are the correct ones or if they need to be changed.
  3. Find a (free) source of chicken manure and maybe some others to add to the compost pile and my garden.
  4. Pick up sticks and trash (that has blown in) from the flower beds.

New Goals:

  1. Continue looking for free chicken manure.
  2. Pick up sticks and trash in the yard.
  3. Start Lamb’s Ear (Stachys byzantina)


I ordered more soil pellets and should have enough to last for this year and into next year.  I am glad that item done and taken care of.  The lights I am using are also okay, so worries there. I am so glad to finally get thoe two items finally  marked of the list.


I really did mean to publish this post on time.  Not sure how it got overlooked.  Well, here it is seven days late.  I have been working on these goals, though. If that counts.  I will have the goals for the next week up tomorrow, I promise.