Nature Study: Good versus Evil

When the weather was warmer and impromtu nature lesson took place in my yard.  It involved IPM (intigrated pest management), insect identification, life cycles and eye-hand coordination.  It wasn’t planned out and none of the labels placed on what we were doing.  It just evolved from one step to another.  I disagree with anyone who says nature study is hard or boring.

Let me set the stage for you.

Main players:

Good Guys

Praying Mantis

Daddy Long Legs

Little boy and his water gun

Bad Buys



South facing side of my house, mainly in one six foot section.  Most of the bad guys are found within the first six feet of the ground, but some go higher as the danger is less higher up.

The praying mantis and daddy long legs opted to take the stealth route. (Did you notice the bug in the mantis’ mouth in the picture above?  They are surprisingly efficient and quick.) The little boy?  Not so much.  His instructions were to, “Point and shoot, knocking off as many bugs as you can.” 

I lost track of how often that gun got refilled.  At the end of the day I almost had to drag him inside.  Boy, oh, boy did I enjoy seeing those little bugs run for cover when the water came near.  Even better when they fell off the side of the house.  I’m not exactly sure what kind of bugs they were; they looked almost like a black and red stink bug but I never caught wind of them.  This was the first year I saw them so I’m not sure if they were.  If I see them again this coming year I will take more time to identify them.

Now who said nature study had to be boring?