A Plan for Zucchini and Apple Muffins

I am making headway on my goals for this week.  Perhaps this will be the week to get them all done?

This morning while searching the internet for something completely unrelated, I came across a recipe for Zucchini and Apple Bread.  It immediatly caught my attention as I have both extra zucchini and more than 20 lbs of apples.  Breads like this also are easy to convert into muffins.  Frozen muffins make for easy breakfasts.

However, it wasn’t really in my plan to make muffins today.  Instead, I am going to grate the zucchini (without peeling it) and freeze it in appropriate quantities.  Then later in the week, or at some point in the future I can pull it out to make muffins.  I plan on making several batches of this and freezing them.

Not only do we have holidays coming up, but there is also an aquaintance who is expecting another child soon.  I know most people take food for lunches or suppers, and I will be doing that too, but wouldn’t it be nice to also have some easy breakfast options at times like that?

If I can get to this recipe this week, which I hope to do, I’ll let you know how it turns out.