This Week In Canning – Spaghetti Sauce

This week I really needed to get to about 50 lbs of tomatoes that had been sitting around for a bit.  So I buckled down, told myself to do it over two days … it finally got done!  Additionally I’m very happy with the results.  The recipe I used is here.

These tomatoes were very meaty and had little liquid.  Not a good choice if you want juice, but great if you want to make sauce.  I did squeeze all the juice out of them that I could, but ended up with less than two quarts.

While processing them, I immediately saw that the end result of this sauce making session was going to be what I have been hoping for the past couple of years.  Instead of getting watery results when putting them through the food mill I got something that looked closer to the consistency of apple sauce.  Again, very little juice and a lot of ‘meat’.  This all had to do with the type of tomato.

Once it cooked down it was exactly the thickness I have been trying to get.  No additional tomato paste needed.

I’m sold.  I will never again try to make sauce from slicing/sandwich tomatoes.  I guess it is like most things in life.  We call all be great at something, but never great at everything.

On top of this, I had no issues with my food mill and the time to cook it down was reduced from hours (2 or 3 or 4) to 1 hour.  Everything went smoothly and quickly.  Once the sauce was made I placed it into freezer bags and froze it.  Saved time by not canning it.  Also I think it was cheaper than canning as I didn’t need to buy the lids.  It does take up freezer space.  Since this was such a small batch, I didn’t mind.  However, if I do more in the future I will probably can them up.

Total: 4 and 1/4 quart freezer bag of sauce, 1 quart of juice – frozen in bags.

Tip: While working on my first batch of tomatoes I commented to a friend about how it takes so long because I do not have a very large pot.  She commented that these are the times she like to use her pressure canner as a pot.  Not only is it large but it also has a thicker bottom that keeps things from burning.  She was right.  Last night I even fell asleep and didn’t wake up till 3 hours later.  There was very little juice left in the pot, but nothing was scolded.  As an added benefit, it cleans up easier than my pots.  Nothing I dislike more than cooking down tomatoes and it staining our pots.