Freezer Cooking Friday – Waffels


With one of the deals going on during the last Black Friday, yes the one almost 9 months ago, I bought a waffle maker.  It was not a fancy one, but that is not what I needed.  I wanted to see if I could find a recipe that we liked and whether we would eat waffles.  Our Sunday morning breakfasts tend to be pancakes or crepes.

After a drain pipe under our sink came loose, I had to pull all of the small appliances out to dry it off.  There really weren’t that many.  However, they all happen to be black.  Well, that is except for the electric water kettle.  It is white.

Due to all the black the waffle maker had sat camouflaged this whole time.  Why had I not used it?  Well, there is no time like the present.  Right?

The first waffles I tried to make were from a mix that ended up being too soft.  It contained bananas, which makes it soft.  This meant they stuck to the waffle maker.  They cooked up, but did not look anything like waffles.

The second recipe I tried turned out much better.  The flavor was not a lot to write home about, but since we put maple syrup and fruit on it, it was okay.  The structure of the waffles turned out well.  I was able to figure out the amount of mix needed to make a waffle without it overflowing and making a mess.  That only took a few waffles.  The mess concerned one of the kids more than it did me.  For some reason this kid was very, very worried about the fact that I was making a mess.

We ended up with a few more waffles than we were able eat.  The left overs were flash frozen, then placed on a freezer bag.  Into the freezer they went.  To warm them up for a future breakfast all I need to do is put them in the toaster.