Kitchen Layouts and Trends

Apparently whoever planned my kitchen did not watch these videos before submitting their plans. Having a sink in the middle of our island is extremely inconvenient (but I was not going to let that stop us from buying an otherwise good for us house), it is dark as the window is on the other side of the fridge, and it feels like there is limited work space (see comment about having a sink in the middle of the island).

I understand the logic about the bins, but not sure I would be a fan of them. Anyone use and love built in bins?

It seems I am not the only one lamenting the lack of thought in modern kitchen designs.

When we moved in thought was put in to where certain things go in cabinets. For example I put the dishes between the stove and fridge, closest to the table. The spices are in an upper cabinet next to the stove. Rarely used items are across the room in an out of the way cupboard. However, I am thinking a decluttering of items and slight adjustment of things would make it more efficient. A kitchen redesign is not in our foreseeable future so a look at how to make what we have work better for us is the route I will be taking.