Practicing Literacy Pays Off In Multiple Ways

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“Practice literacy” is often something we encouraged to follow through with concerning the weekly newsletter from our church. However, there are other times this action pays off.

One evening months ago we put the PS4 away as our kids had been too tempted to play it at night. You know, when they should have been asleep. Unfortunately it was put away so well it’s location was forgotten. Oops.

After about a month a thorough search of the house, garage, and attic was made. No luck. It was at this point I had a sinking feeling…a load of old dvd and vhs players had been recycled during a pick up of the garage. Was the PS4 accidentally added to the pile? For the past 4 months that is what we all assumed. I felt horrible. My husband was just slightly annoyed. A few times I almost bought a $200+ used system but was hoping a new one would come out soon and thereby lower the price of used ones.

This morning my son requested a dictionary. Not sure why. A debate followed as to where the two?…three?…four? dictionaries were. To help settle it I went to look on the bookcase in the room my husband is using as an office, the room we used to use as our school room. Nope, no dictionary. However one of the kids had left a game board on the shelf instead of taking it back. Pulling it off I quickly realized what it was. As you have likely guessed, it was the PS4, turned sideways and sat up on end.

I showed my husband, had a chuckle, then promptly put it right back on the shelf. Seems like a safe place for it.

Yesterday I continued picking up one of our front rooms. Clutter attracts clutter and all that. I was down to two laundry baskets of items – one of activities and one of books, both from a family who no longer homeschool. There were several great books in there, though not all I need. About half are being passed along, several kept for when the kids get older and one fulfilling a need we have come January. These have been sitting by the wall since (cough, cough). I was getting ready to buy this book. If I had not looked through these I would have spent money$16 on a book we already owned.

When my father-in-law passed away my husband was helping his mom go through papers. This included looking through bank statements to see what was coming out when and if anything needed to be cancelled or changed over to her name. Among the items was a monthly $40 withdrawal no one knew exactly what for. Some online searching and a phone call resulted in the cancellation of a service previously used, but not for the past several years. It has never been cancelled and they had just kept on paying it out of habit.

Taken by: Bruce Marlin from Wikimedia Commons (original source)

Random comment on a friend’s FB post – “Did you share these on the local Buy Nothing group?” Enough said.

How has practicing literacy benefited you in the past few weeks?