Modern Day Treasure Hunt, finding forgotten money

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It all started with looking online for a resource we have used in the past for a composer study. Then I realized I had not loaded my most recent gift cards from Swagbucks onto my Amazon account. While doing so the list of “unused” gift cards on my Swagbucks’ account began to annoy me. Digital clutter is still mental clutter. I do not need more To-Do lists staring at me throughout the day.

See, I knew most, if not all, had actually been used but not marked as such. What to do? Why, pour myself a bowl of cereal and check each card while I ate breakfast of course.

In the end I was more than 90% correct, the codes had been redeemed. However, that last 10% netted me a forgotten $25. From 2 YEARS AGO! I would say that was worth the time it took to eat bowl of cereal.