Easy Removal of Melted Crayon From Dryer

My life became a bit for colorful Iman unwanted way last week. One kid left a crayon in his pocket when doing his laundry. I saw it in the washer, thought I had gotten all the pieces. Alas,a laid of towels later told me I had not removed everything.

This week’s laundry has been delayed by days as I thought it would take hours to scrub it out. I was wrong, again. If I had know it would take me less than 30 minutes then I would have completed this job a lot sooner.

Here is another reason I keep acetone in the laundry room. Not only does it help remove ink stains but it also gets melted crayon off the drum of your dryer!

It did not take much on the rag to easily wipe off the errant coloring. A toothbrush with a bit added to the bristles worked well for the books and crannies.

The former owner of said crayon asked how I knew it was him. “It was your load of laundry which was in there.” It really wasn’t hard to figure out. A tip from him,though,after he did most of the cleaning, “It smells like poison in there.” In other words, do not stick your head in the dryer and breath the ammonia for too long; remember to late deep breaths of fresh, non-drum air while doing this.