The Wise Man Built His Garden On A Trellis

That may not fully be the way the song actually goes, though there is truth in it. Trellises are not used in my mom’s garden as she has a lot of space, tends to grow determinate and bush varieties, and therefore has no need. My area is much smaller and my plant selection different. I have learned the wisdom of using Trellises to keep my garden tidier, use the space more wisely, and to avoid several different diseases.

Even with this knowledge I am lacking trellises in a few areas of my garden. As I am looking to rework one bed and clean up another the desire to build the needed trellises has finally overtaken me.

My usual tomato trellis is one I found from The Square Foot Garden. It works great with my indeterminate tomatoes. However, I was looking for an idea to use with determinant ones which would not set me back by a hundred dollars to build. There are a few tomato support trellises I saw here which seem to be what I am looking to utilize.

Blackberries are a plant I have never used a support trellis with previously. This time, however, their placement and the layout of my garden would make it much nicer to have their canes confined a bit more.

Rhubarb is an addition to this garden which I had never grown before. Knowing it can get large I put it in a corner of the butterfly garden. It has thrived there, getting larger every year. After viewing these woven baskets to help keep the stalks upright and a bit shaded, making them a bit less tart, I may add them to the butterfly garden as well. This particular one is not high on my list right now but sounds like a good winter project.

After some thought and sleeping on it I decided to K.I.S.S. it and use what I had in hand to solve my determinant tomato support issue. Four small T-posts and some never ending twine from the garage has created what I hope will become my future, simple, budget friendly solution to this issue. If not then there are many more ideas I will get to test.