A Non-glorious Path Leading To A Better Place

About a month ago I wrote a post about ways to deal with the Isolation Doldrums. Several of the activities I have been good about doing while others were a bit hit and miss. Something, though, it better than nothing.

Since that time I have found myself feeling better, or at least able to do what needs done even if I “don’t feel like it.” Part of that I attribute to watching inspirational videos online. Too many videos and it has a reverse effect, but one at a time with space to consider the message has been good.

These additional reminders that my struggles do NOT define me, are NOT insurmountable, but ARE temporary has been good. They do not take the place of constant prayer, often in the form of songs, or are a solution by themselves. What they are is another reminder of truths I already know yet of which I need reminding.

As easy as it is to feel like I am alone in this, that everyone else is all hunky dory in their new found crafts and recipes and cleaned out closets during this time of social distancing, I know that to be a lie. What proof do I have? Call the member services number for your insurance. What used to be Option#3 or #4 is now given before they even start going through the list of choices – “If you are calling about Mental Health press…” The professionals I have spoken with are booked more than usual for weeks to come. This is not for adults only, even pediatric professionals are seeing an uptick. Why? We were unexpectedly thrown for a huge shake up in our lives and no longer have access to our usual support systems and de-stressing activities. It is one thing to make the choice consciously, quite another to have it done for you.

…my struggles do NOT define me, are NOT insurmountable, but ARE temporary…

Personally my struggles have nothing to do with the recent pandemic, my worries and anxieties do not lie there. The current situation we find ourselves in, though, has brought my struggles to the surface. I could either ignore them and pretend they are not there. Or, I could take steps to address them, ask for help from those who know more than I. I chose the latter.

Small changes. Mini habits. Time. Nothing grand or spectacular along this path. Along the way remembering to encourage others, to think outside myself, to be a light in the darkness when I can. We are not in this alone. You are NOT in this alone.