Thoughts From The Front Porch

Apparently it is not too late for the robins to start a new brood as they are busy carrying grass and twigs to the top of our maple tree. Many others birds were flittering around as well including a yellow bird I need to identify. My neighborhood may have been quiet but the birdhood were all-out in force visiting and eating.

Bicycle repair in a handy skill to know. Mine is limited but thankfully YouTube has not closed down due to COVID. Thanks to a family we know adding two bikes to our supply we have been able to shuffle bikes around here so everyone but my husband has a bike that is not too small for them. After greasing, tightening, and riding a bit most items are fixed or diagnosed. Gears not shifting I can work on. Wheels no longer being round…not sure. I can replace them, I think, but feel a bit intimidated. (I ordered a tool to add to our bike repair kit for future needed adjustments while we are traveling.) Apparently bike shops near here have a month turn around time. I either need to call some further out or overcome my intimidation. (After my husband heard what I was thinking he encouraged me to take them to a bike shop as there are other things I need to spend my time doing. I found one near us, not in the very large town, who had about a 2 week turn around time. I loaded up the bikes and kids, and dropped off the bikes before supper. Glad to have those constant calls for repairs out of my garage.)

Coreopsis has become my new favorite plant in the flower garden. I love the look, the simple care, and the fact that bees and butterflies like them. I plan to add many more to the bed I am forming to hide utility boxes.

Driving around looking for curb finds it recycling has not happened for a few weeks. I stead I have been working on clearing things out from the house, all those little “I should sell this or have a garage sale” piles. Also those random recycling items which seem to have missed previous trip to the recycling yard. I did not realize how much those “little” items really added up to. Two trip to the recycling yard, and at least 3 to the thrift store with more needing to be thrown out or donated. All this unseen clutter does not help my anxiety nor my husband’s mood. When, if, I start again I need to have better guidelines to keep a handle on the stuff.

There are two extra bikes in our garage after we were given two larger bicycles and rotated who was riding which bike. I was not sure what to do with these – recycle, sell, donate? One looks almost new while the other one has been well used. While going for a ride with Jack around the neighborhood he mentioned the boys he had been riding with couldn’t ride till the one brother’s new bike came in. “His other bike broke.” Um, yeah, we have two extra. By that afternoon they had stopped by our house and I lent them the nicer bike. I know how much being able to get out of the house means for kids and parents right now.

After sitting on the porch for a few hours each day this week I am beginning to notice the reduced number of people our as compared to March and April. I would have thought that now would be the time to get out more. I wonder how the rest of my neighbors are handling this extended period of social distancing. How are you doing?