Being A Part Of Something Greater Can Change Our Perspectives

We may not currently own acres and acres of land yet we do own a part of the greater picture. At times I feel like the odd one in my neighborhood, removing the traditional landscape plants (a.k.a. grass, boxwood, etc) to put in flowers and native plants. Yes, I still put in blackberries and a few non-invasive, non-natives but I am trying to limit those. Honest.

Currently my front yard boasts a pile of cardboard as I work to add a new flower bed. What it doesn’t boast are footprints of construction workers doing it in an afternoon to the blueprint of “make it pretty but not beneficial”.

Does this make me better than my neighbors? No! It means I am trying to do the best I know how for my part of the larger landscape picture.

This guy did the same on a larger scale and saw the results. As none of us “own” the land his original area was used radically different by the next “owners”. The long term lessons he learned and taught, though, are still being seen and learned by others.