Apiary Inspection Diary – May

May 23, 2020

Today’s two inspections of Hive 1 resulted in the queen being found. Finally! (Two inspections as the first one had too many worker bees in it, making the search even harder. The second inspection was after the sun came out.) It has been a few weeks since I have seen her. The presence of eggs and larva have told me she was in there yet I wanted to actually lay eyes on her. The queen cell is still present with workers going in and out of it. Not sure if there is an actual egg/larva in there. I could not see inside well enough and it was overcast which made using the sun impossible. The cells around it had no eggs or larva which leads me to believe it is currently empty. I will check on it again in a few days. George has his hive painted and set up in the event the queen cell does have a larva in it. If so he will officially become a beekeeper with his own hive. He is slightly excited at the prospect.

May 29, 2020

Quick look into Hive #1 showed no queen cell present. Not sure what happened. Will do a more detailed inspection in a few days.

Checked on Hive #2 to see if they had begun using the medium super added two weeks ago I top of a queen excluder. They have not, though I found some bees exploring it. In a few days I will remove the queen excluder and moves some frames from a lower brood chamber up into the super to encourage their building of comb.