Building a Free, DIY, Bird Bath For Your Garden

Using the verb building for this particular project seems almost like cheating. Sometimes that is exactly the project I am looking to complete.

6 months back I picked up the glass globe from a fan someone had put out at the curb for trash pickup. This particular globe was larger and deeper than the average one I usually see. As I had been wanting a bird bath for our back flower garden this seemed like a great starting place. Once home it was put in the garage to await a stand of some sort.

A few times along the way I almost threw it out as it was a breakable object sitting in not the safest place. Knowing I do not often find globes of this size, though, I held on to it with the knowledge that if I did not finish the project by June it had to go.

A few weeks ago I came across the pedestal for a sink. There were no cracks, the enamel was in good shape, and it was a great height. I knew immediately how I was going to use it – as the base for the bird bath.

Once home I grabbed a tube of E6000 glue, a glass marble, and the glass globe. Having come from a light fixture this globe had a hole in the middle where a rod used to go through to attach it to the fixture. Using the E6000 glue I secured a large, flattish, glass marble over the hole. In two hours time it was set and ready for use.

To “build” the bird bath I placed the pedestal on flat ground and put the globe on top, filling it with water from our rain barrel. A solar fountain we already owned was added. The ground around this will be mulched and planted with insect friendly plants.

And there you have it – a free, recycled, curb find, DIY bird bath. It is actually located very close to the bee hives for them to use, though birds are welcome as well.

In the future I may use the same E6000 glue to more permanently connect the two pieces. After a few strong wind storms I am fairly confident it will not blow over as it currently is assembled. Without a water fountain the water would need to be changed more regularly and the bowl wiped out to keep algae and mosquitoes at bay.